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How to Borrow Airtime From MTN NG Pay Later

Atleast why i love MTN is that they don’t take the last position in everything they do, This update came up few days back by MTN. Firstly it was started by airtel Ng sometimes last year, where they allowed their customer to borrow airtime from them by which the user pays later whenever he/she recharges.

Sometimes you might be in timid or non remote area and might run out of airtime, this situation gets bored most a times as you might need to make an urgent call at the moment. Instead of wasting your energy and stressing up and down looking for where to buy recharge card???

MTN NG Has brought you the easy recharge module as part of their services, which helps you recharge when you are not with cash, ATM,or when you are tired and can’t go out looking for place to buy airtime. Instead you dial a giving code from your phone and recharge any given amount of your choice, then later when you have the time to buy recharge card, you can now pay for the airtime you’ve borrowed.

How to Borrow Airtime From MTN NG Pay Later

To do this simply dial *606# from your phone then select the amount you wish to recharge.

10% of your recharge will be deducted once you borrow the airtime.

With the MTN Extra Time you can borrow airtime for

Making calls AND sending sms/mms

buying data plans

Airtime transfers etc..



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  1. This is nice. I thought it was only airtel doing this

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